Due to elevation and wind-chill factor the Macedon Ranges is the coldest grape growing-region in mainland Australia. The region is downright chilly in the south-east and only marginally warmer in the north-west. The vital statistics below show the critical importance of correct vineyard site location in the almost glacial climate of the region's south-east.

This sprawling, hilly and windswept area extends from the Lancefield-Macedon-Gisborne district at its southern end to the Kyneton district to the north and Daylesford to the West. It is what might be termed the sharp end of Australian cool climate viticulture.  It is uniquely suited to the production of ultra premium sparkling wine, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir yet also manages to span all the table wine styles from Riesling through to Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and the rare Italian Variety Lagrein very successfully.

Local climate details
Area Mean Jan Temp MAR Continentality Annual Rainfall Heat Summation Relative Humidity @ 3pm
Kyneton 18.4 12.6 827.7mm 1041 61.9
Macedon 17.4 12.2 853mm 1005 59.8
Climate details for comparison
Area Mean Jan Temp MAR Continentality Annual Rainfall Heat Summation Relative Humidity @ 3pm
Macedon Ranges (mean of above) 18.4 12.6 827.7mm 1041 61.9
Bendigo 21 12.2 827mm 1571 36 
Healesville (Yarra Valley) 765 1365 62.2
Sunbury 20 11.1 568 1374 52.9
Ballarat 17.3 719 1353 58
Mornington 19.2 9.7 696 1424 71
Rheims (Champagne) 18.3 16.3 700 1031 N/A
Local elevation
Kyneton Woodend Romsey Macedon Malmsbury Gisborne Lancefield
509m 600m 488m 500m 470m 400m 475m
Elevation for comparison
Mean Macedon Castlemaine Bendigo Sunbury Yarra Valley Mornington Ballarat
492m 297m 225m 132m 88m 46m 437m


The majority of the soils are sandstone and shales which form the gentle rounded hills punctuated by the steeper and higher granitic hills of the Cobaw ranges and the volcanic Mt Macedon, Mt Gisborne and Mt Bullengarook in the south.

The soils derived from sandstone and shales are predominantly low fertility acidic duplex shallow brown-yellow clay loams.

The granitic outcrops in the Cobaw ranges and parts of Mt Macedon are predominantly free draining uniform or gradational sandy to stony shallow loams. These soils act to restrict yields.

The volcanic soils around Romsey and to the south and east of Gisborne and north of Woodend are rich gradational sometimes red friable clayey soils.