'Wine in the City' a big hit!

A fine night indeed (28 February 2014) for the group of Wine in the City whom were treated to a vastly differing array of 15 wines from the region.

Accompanied with a light meal, all 30 members keenly and enthusiastically took part in understanding more about the region, tasting the best the regions can produce, tasting:

  • three sparking
  • three aromatics
  • four chardonnays
  • three pinots; and
  • two shiraz

The presenters, Terry South, Barry Elliot, Joel Watson, Alex Stephenson, Jesse Leith and Hew Richards provided endless amounts of information to the group, bouncing off ideas, and different aspects of the region and their winemaking styles.
Overall a big hit, raising knowledge and awareness to a wider client base hopefully increasing people "want" to come, visit and really explore our region.

Wine in the city